大家在新闻组上老是可以看到有人问NTFS的数据结构.但是NTFS是MS的核心机密,除非有NT的源代码,否则根本就没有办法彻底解开.好在现在是互连网时代,我们的LINUX勇士们也在苦心CRACK NTFS.

This directory contains a collection of documents on various part of the NTFS implementation. Material from "Inside the Windows NT file system" is not repeated, the reader is supposed to know the book. Special thanks to David Dillard, Domagoj Pensa, Richard Russon and Eugene Khenson for their contributions. Paragraphs in italics contain a questions that need to be answered before the NTFS implementation can be considered reliable. To allow better browsing, HTML was used. Note that all numbers are in hexadecimal notation. The following files exist at the moment: